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 Are You Poisoning Yourself,  Your Dating Life, Career, Goals and Dreams without even realizing it? 


STOP Torturing Yourself and Get READY to STOP the SELF-SABOTAGE...

‘This revitalizing, self-help, personal growth and development book is a motivational tool that will empower each reader by providing excellent strategies for self-improvement. An inspiring and encouraging read. The Poison of Perfection by Wadley comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.’


The Poison of Perfection

Book by: Angela Wadley

Are you tired of trying to have this perfect version of yourself in every single way – dating, relationships, work, looks and many other aspects but you feel you are constantly falling short of what you feel you MUST attain?

And are you looking for a guide that will encourage you and show you how it is okay to accept yourself and still strive for excellence…holding you by the hand until you start finding joy in the process as opposed to withholding your joy for the end result?

If you’ve answered YES,

This book will help you discover just how perfection is the poison that steals your joy and hinders your progress! On Amazon and Audible!


Quick Sneak Peak...

Your Dating Life
Your Career

The Poison of Perfection also has a unique journal, to help you focus on the awesome things you already have in your life and focus on making progress towards excellence and accomplishing your goals in several areas of your life!  You can check out The Poison of Perfection Journal on the button below...


Stop beating yourself up about not being perfect! Grab your copy of this self-sabotage annihilating book...and TAKE CHARGE!



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Angela Wadley:

  • Board-Certified NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner/Hypnotist/Success Coach
  • Certified Life/Transformational/ Positive Psychology/Solution-Focused Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Qi Gong Instructor
  • Award-Winning Author
Her numerous qualifications and certifications are focused on helping others through various disciplines. She continues learning new skills to provide even more ways to help clients. Knowledge being the bedrock of success, Angela has placed her wealth of experience into her books for all to enjoy. 
Angela enjoys wine tasting, reading, traveling and music. She is married and has two fur babies.